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Top 20+ Netflix Web Series of All Time


As a trailblazer in original streaming content, Netflix has produced hundreds of original web series that have won over audiences globally. But in this era of endless viewing options, which Netflix originals stand out from the rest? The “Divicast” ratings, a metric that combines audience engagement and critical acclaim, can help guide viewers. Based on cultural impact, critical reception, awards recognition and popularity, these 50 titles represent the shining stars in Netflix’s remarkable catalog of web series.

Most Popular Netflix Originals

While Netflix churns out new shows constantly, only the biggest hits permeate mainstream culture to gain mass following.

Stranger Things

The Duffer Brothers’ nostalgic sci-fi drama drew fans of all ages into its 1980s world of monsters and plucky kids. With its stellar cast and thrills, Stranger Things has become Netflix’s most watched original.

The Queen’s Gambit

This miniseries drama followed a young chess prodigy’s rise from orphan to Grandmaster. The Queen’s Gambit briefly made chess trendy again on its way to becoming Netflix’s biggest limited scripted series.

The Witcher

Based on Poland’s fantasy book series, The Witcher starring Henry Cavill captivated audiences globally. Viewers couldn’t get enough of its gruff monster hunter hero and epic fight sequences.

Best Drama Series

Critics and audiences have praised these Netflix dramas that represent the streaming service’s most prestige TV offerings.


Jason Bateman and Laura Linney shine as a married couple descending deeper into money laundering and crime in Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks region. Dark and compelling, Ozark draws inevitable comparisons to Breaking Bad.


Executive produced by David Fincher, this crime procedural dramatizes the pioneering development of the FBI’s serial killer profiling techniques in the 1970s. Thought-provoking and superbly crafted.


The Rayburns seem to lead an idyllic life in the Florida Keys, but this moody family drama exposes the black sheep and web of lies that tear the family apart. An underrated gem anchored by Kyle Chandler’s performance.

Top Crime Series

Netflix has become a true destination for addictive, acclaimed crime stories based on real world events.


This global hit chronicles Pablo Escobar’s meteoric cocaine-fueled rise and fall amid Colombia’s deadly drug wars. Action-packed while exposing the grim underbelly and corruption of the narcotics trade.

Making a Murderer

One of Netflix’s first viral documentary series investigated the questionable murder conviction of Steven Avery previously wrongly imprisoned for rape. Its illuminating look at flaws in the justice system sparked intense debate.

How to Fix a Drug Scandal

This absorbing docuseries provides a detailed account of Sonja Farak, a crime lab chemist who tampered with evidence in the Massachusetts drug war for years due to her own addiction.

Notable Sci-Fi Series

Mind-bending science fiction concepts come alive through these imaginative Netflix shows. Use Netflix gift code to enjoy it with discount.

Black Mirror

This acclaimed anthology series explores dystopian futures and modern tech through an unsettling Black Mirror. Powerful social commentary pervades each disturbing yet thought-provoking episode.

Altered Carbon

Based on Richard K. Morgan’s cyberpunk book, Altered Carbon portrays a futuristic world where human consciousness can be transferred into new bodies. Its innovative visuals depict a dazzling but sinister sci-fi landscape.


The Wachowski sisters deliver a bold interconnected sci-fi thriller about eight strangers worldwide who discover they are psychically linked as sensates. Its originality resonated deeply with passionate fans.

Best Foreign Shows

Some of Netflix’s most outstanding originals hail from overseas talented showrunners bringing fresh perspectives.


This mind-bending German sci-fi series features time travel, disappearing children, and four interconnected families hiding twisted secrets in the somber town of Winden. Challenging and addictive.

Money Heist

Known as La Casa de Papel in its native Spanish, Money Heist follows a genius mastermind assembling a group of criminals to execute an epic heist on the Royal Mint in Madrid.


A mysterious plague turns Joseon era Koreans into zombies in this blockbuster South Korean series that injects political intrigue into its thrilling, horror-infused narrative.

Top Animated Series

Funny, mature and boundary-pushing, these adult cartoon gems prove Netflix can compete with traditional networks.

BoJack Horseman

Following the misadventures of a washed up sitcom actor (who happens to be an anthropomorphic horse), BoJack Horseman balances absurdist antics with raw emotional truths about the human condition.

Big Mouth

Puberty gets monstrous in the most hilarious way in this unfiltered animated comedy about middle schoolers navigating hormones, sexual awakenings and bodily transformations.

F Is for Family

Comedian Bill Burr’s raunchy, referee 1970s-set sitcom presents a dysfuctional yet oddly relatable portrait of family life and generational conflicts.

Standout Docuseries

Bizarre true stories told through a thoughtful documentary lens have captivated Netflix viewers seeking truth that’s stranger than fiction.

Wild Wild Country

This fascinating documentary recounts how an Indian guru built a following that descended into sex, terrorism, and attempted murder after relocating to rural Oregon.

Tiger King

The outlandish personalities and murder-for-hire drama uncovered in the big cat breeding underworld fueled this hit docuseries and cultural sensation.

The Keepers

Filmmaker Ryan White examines the unsolved 1969 murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik, believed by many to be linked to a coverup of sexual abuse at a Baltimore Catholic school. Haunting and revelatory.

Other Notable Series

Rounding out Netflix’s best are crowd-pleasing stories spanning comedy, drama and social commentary.

The Crown

This lavish historical drama detailing Queen Elizabeth II’s reign provides an intimate lens into Britain’s royal family through moments public and private. Claire Foy’s performance anchors the first two seasons.

Grace and Frankie

Comedy legends Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin shine as two women who develop an unlikely friendship after their lawyer husbands announce they are gay and in love. Hilarious and heartfelt.

Dear White People

Adapted from the hit movie, this incisive series follows Black college students navigating race relations, injustice and identity at an Ivy League school. Rightfully acclaimed for its social critique.


This ranking provides just a sampling of the first-rate series available to binge on Netflix. But the streaming giant’s best offerings engage audiences worldwide by tapping into universal human stories that resonate deeply even through fantasy worlds or controversial subjects. Netflix series continue raising the bar for web television.

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